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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Home Design: Part Two

Today we was home inspection day and it went perfectly. There are no major problems. Praise God.
So we are one step closer to closing day!

And so tonight I bring you Part Two of our new home design.

The Den
This is the den as it is now:

and this is what we will be doing:
Here is the color pallet and I will be finding some other colors to throw in the mix
We're keeping the wall color they have now

This is the rug we will be ordering from here

I believe that the focal point of the room is the fire place so we will be painting it the citrus green color from the pallet. 

This is what we are thinking for the couch
and I will be looking, at thrift stores, for two non-matching chairs for the den. 

I would really love for one to be a wing back chair shaped like this

I will probably reupholster them, but I have no idea what fabric yet. If anyone has any suggestions as to fabric for chairs, curtains and pillows I'll be open to them! The perfect fabric has to be out there somewhere.... right?

The more stuff we find for the den the more excited about it I get, but I am still most excited about our bedroom.

Only 43 days 'til closing!

Happy Tuesday.


  1. A modern classic like that wing chair would be awesome. What a fun element... I love your color scheme.

  2. RachelSusanneNicholsJuly 5, 2012 at 6:52 PM

    I sure hope I find a good one! Thank you for your sweet comments :)