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Sunday, July 8, 2012

My First Sunday Social Link Up

Sunday Social

Tonight I am linking up with Ashley for Sunday Social. I see a lot of my bloggie{that's a word right?} friends doing this link up but I've just never joined it. However, today's Sunday social is on one of my favorite things, TV.
So here we go...

What is your favorite tv show of the past?
I would have to say my favorite show of the past is:
Growing Pains
I would love to re-watch this series

What is your current favorite tv show?
My current favorite tv show is Revenge
It's in between season right now though, so I replace it with other favorites. Like: So You Think You Can Dance, Master Chef, TrueBlood and Rookie Blue

Which reality show would you never do?
I would never do Fear Factor....
 I mean have you seen the craziness those people eat?! Heck no...

What reality show would you love to do?
I would love to do cupcake wars.
 I know it's not what you would think of when you hear reality tv but it looks like so much fun. Plus I would get to bake for some type of huge event.

What is the tv personality/character you feel is most like you?
I don't know if she counts because she isn't really a personality or a character, but a lot of people say I look/sound like Skylar Laine from this past American Idol season.
maybe? I don't know....

Which tv character would you want to date?
with my husband sitting next to me this question is a little awkward haha but I guess if I must answer I would say
Mark Sloan from Grey's Anatomy
No Stephan that does not mean that I dream of dating him when watching Grey's...
just playing along and answering the questions :)


  1. I miss Growing Pains! I completely forgot about that show! Happy Monday!

  2. RachelSusanneNicholsJuly 9, 2012 at 6:20 AM

    I keep my fingers crossed that netflix wil eventually pick it up! I hope you have a great Monday!

  3. I love Growing Pains too.