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Monday, June 4, 2012

5 Books Every Woman Should Read!

Hey ma famille de trois Readers!

This is Olivia from Olivia Blogs!

How are y'all?

When Rachel asked needing guest bloggers I just jumped at the chance to do this. Guest blogging not only helps the owner of the blog but also you as the guest.

I plan on telling y'all about 5 books I believe every woman should read and why. Books allow you to think differently, look at things in a new way and do things you can't normally do; so read all you can when you can is my philosophy.

Book number 1 is.

Great Gals is an amazing book! A great book on the inside life of amazing women in our lives. Cindy Lauper, Emily Dickinson, Lucille Ball and Margret Cho are just some of the few women in this that you are able to learn about, relate to and in a way know. Great Gals is also sort of a workbook as it gives some exercises to do to inspire you and make sure you know that you are GREAT too.

Book number 2 is.

What Women Fear is a book of questioning everything, we as women do this a lot. Fearing the unknown and wondering about everything this book dives deep into the mind of a woman and really gives you things to think of. Fears are in all of us, and while reading it you feel as if you are having a conversation with a friend. -Disclaimer .. each chapter starts off with a retelling of a bible scripture.. so if that is not your thing please be advised.

Book number 3 is.

Choosing Me before We is a book about finding yourself before starting a relationship. This is an amazing book about being a true bestfriend to yourself for all women single and married alike.

Book number 4 is.

The 10 Women You'll Be Before You're 35 is a book centered around all the different phases we cross as human, hot blooded, new age women. The person you morph into at these stages is categorized and explained in this fun lite read.

Book number 5 is.

73 Lessons every Goddess must know is a workbook and an exciting one at that. Lists of amazing things to do with yourself, and life. I open this one when I need a new idea or just to get into a happy zone in my day.

Well I hope you will at least pick up some of these treasures and read them for yourself. If you do let me know..

and just for good measure one that I need to read, 

Thirty things every woman should know really seems like a great book click the link to read about it. 

and hope you will too.. Maybe we should start a book club.. Ive noticed a few going around via online but is there any structure? Skype dates? Twitter parties? ... Let me know!


Rachel, I hope you like this post as well as your readers! 

Thank you for letting me do this! 


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  1. Hmm, the Me Before We one and the 10 Women You'll Be Before You're 35 both sound interesting!