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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hello Saturday

Hi lovely readers! I hope you are all having a fabulous Saturday. Its gorgeous, and extremely hot, here in Alabama. First off, I wanted to thank everyone who has purchases a bracelet, so far, in support of Olivia. You guys have seriously brought me to tear with the kind words and generous purchases. If you missed my post about the bracelets you can read it here. All proceeds from bracelets purchased now, until further notice, will go to Olivia. I know that there are only so many people who want the bracelet I'm selling so I have a few other bracelet designs in the works to help her out as well.

This week has seriously been crazy. There was so much I needed to get done and I think I did humm lets see... none of it! I did however manage to keep the house clean. I've realized a clean house brings a little peace to my  life. There were many things I was planning to post about this week but never got around to. I seem to have forgotten some of them all together. Since this week has been the week from hell I decided to take a break from filling bracelet orders today {not that filling orders is hell because its totally not! Please keep them coming!} and spend some time with a friend. We ended up crafting some coasters which will soon make their way to my etsy store.
Please excuse the somewhat blurry picture. I blame that on running off 10 hours sleep in the past 72 hours and the extreme caffeine intake I have been relying on to keep me functioning. The coasters turned out better than I expected. I'm a huge fan of the matching without actually matching thing that's going on with these four. 

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week thank the Lord. Here's to hoping it is NOT filled, with family drama, sick puppies, hurt knees, and mean bosses, but with lots of bracelet deliveries, new bracelet orders, completed packing lists for our upcoming beach trip and family fun!

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