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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Close to my Heart

A few weeks ago when I posted about the new blogs I love to read I mentioned Olivia. In case you missed my post or have never read Olivia's blog I will give you a little background. Olivia is a 24 year old graduate of the University of Georgia. The year after graduating college Olivia was diagnosed with cancer. In the time since being diagnosed she has been faced with cervical, breast, ovarian, and uterine cancer. She is now fighting brain cancer. She is spending time at the Cancer Center of America in South Carolina for treatment. Since I first discovered Olivia's blog she has held a special place in my heart, thoughts and prayers, I hate cancer and no one deserves to go through what she is having to face especially with so much life left to be lived! I don't know why God has placed it on my heart to help her. Maybe it is because we are the same age and both from the south and her story has made me realize even more just how precious life really is. With all that said, the Lord has really placed it on my heart to help her and this is the way I feel is best to do so:
I have been making and selling these bracelets. 
The bracelets will cost $10 each (plus a flat rate of $3 shipping) with half  the proceeds going to Olivia to help her pay for her treatment/anything she may need for her recovery. I want everyone to know that I will not be making any money off of these bracelets I will just be making enough to buy more product to produce more bracelets and ship them out.
If you would like your bracelet to be silver instead of brass please let me know and I will arrange that.

To order please email me at rachelnichols11.12@gmail.com I accept paypal
 (or cash/check if you are picking up directly from me)

{if you would like to share this post to help me spread the word about these bracelets please feel free to do so}

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