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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

English 101

A few weeks ago, while cleaning our room, I found a small folded piece of paper. Upon opening it I realized it was story I had to write for my English 101 Class in 2007. I remember being so proud of this short story. I always got A's in my English classes but I remember getting a 100% on this story and that rarely happens in an English class. Reading back through the story I had a hard time remembering where my head was at when writing it. I always tried to put a personal experience or something I had witnessed/heard in my writing. After thinking about it for a while I remembered that I created the whole story based on a line in a that stuck in my head from a series a former youth pastor had taught. He was talked about how when you're a pastor or in a position of power you sometimes feel like you're in a fish bowl and everyone is watching your every move. Funny that he would teach on that a few months before he was being hunted down by the authorities for, we will just say, having an extremely inappropriate relationship with a minor over state lines...

So show of hands who wants to read my story?... Good glad all of you are so eager! Here it goes:

    Her father and boyfriend called her Angie, but her name was Angelina.  She was sixteen years old and the  daughter of the pastor of the town church. Her pride and joy was her colorful fish tank, because it was the only thing she felt was truly her own. Angelina had big blue eyes that would sparkle when the sun hit them just right. She did not mean to be beautiful, probably did not even realize she was, it just came natural and could make any boy go weak at the knees.
    Angelina's boyfriends name was Robert. He had a reputation as the town "bad ass." He was always skipping church on Sunday mornings to go smoke with his friends behind the diner. In the small southern town, where they lived, skipping church was unheard of. The whole town would whisper unkind words about Robert as he walked by. Angelina was forbidden to see him.
    One night while Angelina was intensely studying her Bible in her bedroom, underlining ever verse she found important, Robert began throwing pebbles at her window. "Angie, climb down the trellis and come to the orchard with me," said Robert. Angie said, "I can't Rob, my father would kill me, and the whole town will talk." Robert said, "Aw Angie, don't worry 'bout all that now, just come have a romantic night with me under the apple tree." Angelina decided to go with Robert, despite the consequences she knew she would receive if her parents found out.
    As they came up on the orchard, Angie could see the apple tree, where Robert had set up a blanket for the two of them. Robert took her by the hand and led her to lie on the blanket. While lying there, Angie felt the cool summer night breeze and could not help but think of old times, when she would come there to pick apples with her father. Rob leaned over and kissed her, and she felt her whole body melt away. She began to give into Roberts intentions, knowing she was about to lose that precious innocents she had been holding onto. As all this took place the stars over head started to spin and she was lost in the pleasure she felt.
    It was six o'clock the next morning when Angelina finally climbed back up the trellis and into the safety of her bedroom. Suddenly, there was a knock at the front door and she could hear her father answer and the sound of muffled voices below. Minutes later Angie's father stomped up the stairs to her room and she immediately knew he had found out about the night before. As he burst through her door Angelina looked up at him from the warmth of her sheets and whispered, "I'm so sorry... I never meant to hurt you... but I won't be going to church this morning.. soon the whole town will be talking, simply because I'm your daughter." He looked at her with disappointment then left the doorway. Angie just stared at her prized fish tank, watching the fish swim back and forth. Today, she realized that she was just like her fish; she was stuck in this tank with no where to go and the entire town was looking in on her, swimming, and watching her every move.

The End :)

I hope you all enjoyed story time with Rachel! Kidding. Have a good night!


  1. Rachel...that was really good. I use to do alot of "writing" too. Enjoyed it very much! Look forward to your next one ;) love you, Donna

  2. RachelSusanneNicholsJune 3, 2012 at 3:16 AM

    Thanks Donna! I wish I was still in some sort of class where I had to write. I guess the blog will do for now :)