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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lovely Line Up

With Sunday closing in on me and my to do list not getting any shorter, I feel like I need to go ahead and introduce the lovely line up of ladies that will be posting in my place, while I am away on vacation.

Most of you probably already know Olivia, from mentions in previous posts.
If you haven't checked out her blog you can do that here.
I am thankful for her taking time out of her life to post not once but twice while I'm away. 

Annalee blogs here. She is a sophomore in high school, living in Virginia. She is precious, and makes me feel like an oldie while reading about all her adventures in school. I am grateful she is squeezing me in between school, work, babysitting and spending time with her boyfriend.

Jenny is the fabulous blogger over here. Her and her husband are big Alabama football fans and that makes them okay in my book! We seem to have our bad luck in common these days, but for both our sake I am hoping that turns around soon. She is sure to entertain you with whatever she posts. Thank you Jenny!

Last but certainly not least is Erika. You can read her blog here. She has quickly become one of my favorite reads. She has the cutest little family and a new baby on the way. I can relate to her very well and am sure you will love her!

I have one day still available for a guest spot, so if you are interested it's not too late.
email: Rachelnichols11.12@gmail.com

Time for me to actually get some things knocked off my to do list. Off to, hell,Walmart.

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