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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Birthday Prep

I seriously can not believe that I am planning Ephraim's first birthday party!
Seems like only yesterday he was tiny
Where does the time go?!
Now he's a whopping 22lbs and 31 1/2in long.

Pinterst has given me some pretty fun ideas for Ephraim's party! The theme will be the very hungry caterpillar. Based off of the book by Eric Carle.
I'll be making cupcakes and shaping them into the caterpillar, a balloon caterpillar banner, and I've already made these invitations.
Nothing too fancy but I am proud of them.
 As much as I wanted to have two different parties (one for family and one for friends) the fact is he really isn't going to remember it anyway. So I have settled on doing only one party. Ephraim's first birthday will consist of grandparents, great grandparents and mine and Stephan's siblings. I so hate not inviting everyone in our family but even with the list I have now it is already 30 people. Oh the woes of having such a big family.

Ephraim will be looking spiffy in this shirt 
Except I ordered his in red.
See where I ordered it HERE.
I sure hope our little man will enjoy his party!

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  1. Fun, fun...and I seriously don't know where the time goes! You, my own first baby, turning 23 the day after Ephraim's b'day...shouldn't ought to be! I love the caterpillar theme and seeing you be a sweet mommy to your own little man! :)