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Monday, October 3, 2011

Cabin Fever!!

So I broke me knee last Saturday.
I was about to host a Thirty-One party and and hour before I fell while mopping.
Now I'm in a really attractive brace for 8 weeks
I'll be in it for our first year wedding anniversary
Pretty much ruins any plans I had for us that weekend...
Oh well...
Life will go on.

Ephraim and I are staying at my parents every other week (on Stephan's 7 on at the hospital)
It is so weird so far and we've only been here one day.
In the week I've been in this brace I've realized I am not a huge fan of asking for help.
Now I have to ask for help with EVERYTHING...
I hate not being able to take care of Eprhaim like I'm used to and having to watch others do it while I just sit there.
I'm sure Stephan feels like a single dad at times and I feel awful because he works so hard for us everyday that he deserves a day of rest every now and then! Although, he probably wont get many, if any, for the next 7 weeks.
Poor Stephan!
But we love him so much for taking such good care of both of us and are so thankful for him!
I have to clam myself daily because if I think about all I cant do it gets pretty stressful and then I get an attitude (something I'm working on changing). That doesn't help anyone or anything so I'll just have to stop feeling bad and accept the help for now!

In my spare time the past few months I have been making yarn wreaths. I think they're pretty and I hope other people do too! I've had a few sells here and there and am thankful for the people who have bought them!

here is a Alabama one (this is one of my favorites so far)

This is the one I've sold the most and the one that is on my door right now!

 I couldn't be biased so I also made an auburn one (I know the wreath color is a little off. I wanted a contrast between the navy flower and the wreath but to sell this one I'll do a navy wreath if wanted!)

And the last one I have pictures of is the breast cancer awareness wreath I made. I had a friend (and past co-worker) effected by this not long ago and I am so proud of how strong she is and how great she has recovered and I just thought I should do something to help out. This wreath is $45 with half of all proceeded going to the Susan G. Komen foundation!

I'm also working on four new wreaths for clients at the moment so new pictures will come soon!
I'm hoping to have a booth at home stead hollow in Springville in the Spring so I'm just trying to get my clientele up before then! If any one would like one of these pre-made ones or a custom order wreath you can contact me via facebook or by email Rachelnichols11.12@gmail.com!


  1. Can I just say that I think what you wrote here is so very sweet and I think you have a wonderful heart and I am so thankful to call you my daughter in law! I just love you! Also..I really want a wreath for my office. I will take some pics of the decor and colors of it and send them to you and then you can just create away!

  2. I love your wreaths! Do you have any tips on yarn wrapping? When I make them, I always get crooked little overlaps and my arms get so tired!

  3. RachelSusanneNicholsAugust 15, 2012 at 8:59 PM

    Thank you Jen! Hummm a tip..... I guess I would just say don't concentrate on it too much. Maybe this only works for me, but it seems like when I'm watching tv and wrapping a wreath I don't have as many overlaps as I do when I'm just sitting there watching every wrap making sure I don't mess up. I hope that will work for you too! As for the arms getting tired, I try to take lots of little breaks bc it really does to a number on your arms and fingers. :)