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Friday, November 4, 2011

All Wrapped Up

I have just created a business page for my wreaths on facebook. I am so excited about this! I am really hoping this page will really help my business take off. I love making these yarn wreaths for people. I have so many ideas to try and I love how I can make an idea come to life for someone. Custom orders are so much fun because most of the time the customer will give me a general idea of what they want and then I get to take that idea and put my spin on it as well.
So if you would like check out my page here:
(name courtesy of my dear friend Scarlett)
If you like what you see "Like" the page and maybe even share the link with some friends!
Check the page often because as business grows I will be posting discount days, give aways and much more!
Also today through Sunday All Wrapped up is playing a game!
Here's what you have to do...
Tell your friends about All Wrapped Up by sending them a link to the facebook page.
 After they "like" All Wrapped Up they need to post on the wall saying who sent them the link to the page.
 The person who brings the most people to the page and gets at least 2 people to order a wreath gets a 14inch wreath in any design for FREE!!
 Contest ends Sunday at midnight... So get to sharing!!!

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