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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Is this real life??

A few posts ago I talked about looking into culinary school. Well, I went for a tour this week. I got so excited just when we were talking with the admissions director about what all I would be doing in my classes and then when we toured the actual culinard school I was sold! Before visiting I had assumed that I had already missed the enrollment date and wouldn't be able to start til the beginning of 2012, come to find out, since the program is only 9 months classes start October 3rd. Hello! Wasn't expecting that at all! So needless to say I had to make a decision on wether or not I was actually going to do this. I decided that I am going to enroll in this term. I am so excited but so nervous at the same time. I needed a pinch to make me realize this was all real. I went back yesterday to talk to about financial aid and what not and I found out that I am eligible for almost full pell grant and then the full amount of student loans. My financial aid advisor thinks that I should qualify for full pell grant so I have to bring her some tax forms so she can see of she can get me more free money! If that is the case and I do qualify for full pell, there is a possibility the school will give me a small grant as well! Also, she told me about a grant program that the different county's do and I have to do is go down and apply for that. Good news! If I qualify for the full county grant ALL that grant money is mine bc school will be paid for by other grants and loans. So I would use that money to pay off half of my student loans right off the bat! Im sure that's a lot of information not everone who reads this will be as excited about as I am, but this is all a huge answered prayer! Just reassures me that this is what I am really supposed to do.
The nervousness comes when I think of how busy we will all be now. Our Monday- Friday will be stephan works, I work/stay home with Ephraim, stephan gets home from work, I leave for school, stephan keeps Ephraim, Ephraim and stephan go to bed, I get home from school, I go to bed and... repeat... Not a huge fan but we both knew life would be like that for a season if either of us ever decided to go back to school. I know it will all be worth it when it's over!

My plan right now is to start my business from our home while I'm in school and continue that way after school for a while. Stephan is thinking about going back to school for business when I'm done so he can be the business side and I can just bake my little heart out! Thank goodness bc I do not want to go to school for that as well, plus his work will pay for it! After I get established I want to open a "cupcakery" in Trussville. How exciting! So if you know anyone that needed cupcakes or a cake let them know about me please :)


  1. That's so exciting! I'm glad it's all working out for you.

    So how about your Cupcakery is next door to my vintage shop? :)


  2. Um shoot yeah! We will be so awesome and wealthy! Haha everyone needs a cupcake after a day of shopping!