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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Ephraim Brite Nichols
Born: February 15, 2011 @ 12:06pm
8lbs 1oz 21 1/4in
And that day changed our lives for ever...

When we brought Ephraim home Stephan got to take family medical time and was off and home with us for about three weeks. That time was amazing and I am so thankful he was here with us b/c honestly I'm not sure if I could have done it without him here.
Ephraim was a great baby from the start, never really crying for anything besides being hungry; but on the rare days he was just fussy Stephan was the only one who could calm him down.
I don't know what it was but Ephraim just took to him. At times I felt a little down because I wanted to be able to fix things for him but he just wouldn't calm down from me the same way he did for Steph. 
When it came time for Stephan to start back to work I was so nervous! I was thinking how in the world am I going to make it through a day without him here to help me...
It all turned out fine though and my first  day with Ephraim by myself went great. I've definitely gotten the hang of this parenting thing now! 

Ephraim is growing like a weed! I feel like he gets chubbier and taller every day haha.
I never realized how fast babies change until I had one. I try to cherish every moment with him because I know one day I'll blink and he'll be grown.

He is such a fun little baby! This picture is from this week
 I decided I would sit him up on the couch just to see what would happen, because he has such good control of his back neck and head already I was pretty confident he would be able to sit up on his own.
he did for about 30 seconds 
I could hardly take the picture for laughing so hard. I just couldn't get over how big he looked and the faces he was making!
 He is starting to do so much with his hands. He loves to play with his bib and he cuddles with his owl lovie with out us having to give it to him. If its beside him and he wants it he will grab it and move it all around. SO cute! He's started to take his pacie out of his mouth and toss it away to suck on his right hand, but sometimes he gets his thumb to far back in his mouth and will gag on it... silly baby!

I am debating trying to give him his first bite of baby cereal to see how it goes...
I keep going back and forth with it just because of things I read.
Our next doc appointment is May 9th so I may wait til then and just ask him.
I am pretty positive I am going to see how he does with it before our beach trip in June though!
I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes and I will be posting messy face pictures for sure!!

I know my cousin abbey has been wanting to see his room so here are a few pics of it

 Stephan built this awesome shelf and I decorated it!

I promise to try and update more regularly. Between taking care of Ephraim, working, trying to keep the house clean etc its been a little tough.
Keep an eye out for some post about yummy recipes Stephan and I have been trying and also Ephraim's bathroom makeover. 

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  1. Very cute. I love the room. Also that shelf is awesome I really like that.