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Thursday, January 20, 2011

One Month Til Due Date

One month from today is Ephraim Brite's due date!
And today I am working on my hospital bag checklist. I keep looking at all these websites for help but there is so much on their list I'm having trouble narrowing it down to what I really need to bring.
I'm hoping to get it narrowed down soon so I can have my bag packed and ready to go for when the time comes!

Can you tell I'm a little ready for him to be here?

Last week I was supposed to have a nursery update however, I dealing with this for 3 days
{Snow storm 2011)
On the Sunday the storm was predicted to hit Stephan dropped me and Lyla off at his sister and brother in laws house and went on to church to play at the night service... By the time he got there the bridge at 459 and Grants Mill was already iced over. Service got canceled and he headed back to his sisters house. We all stayed there Sunday night (in case our power went out, they had a heater that would work). The next morning we work up to about 5 inches of solid ice. Since Stephan works at the hospital he had to get to work so he left Monday and then couldn't get back home til 3 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon. Needless to say it threw off my week and I got nothing done on my dresser make over project.

This week we have been picking up some finishing touches, like picture frames, shelf brackets (for the shelf Stephan's putting in), hooks to hang diaper bags in his closet, stuff to hang the picture I painted above his crib, and paint and primer for my dresser project!

Saturday we will be cleaning out the shed to make room for me to work on my project and Steph will be picking up the wood for the shelf! 
My goal for next week is to have the shelf up and the dresser almost finished if not totally done.

His nursery is really coming together nicely and I can not wait to share pictures with everyone. I just don't want to post until it has the last two big elements in! 

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