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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The new year so far for the Nichols

Happy New Year!

We had a great and crazy busy holiday season and really enjoyed getting to spend time with lots of family.  Our year has started amazing and I feel like we are both going non stop, when really we should probably be taking some time to relax before baby Ephraim arrives.
What's new with us so far this year:
Stephan is back to playing guitar at church and teaching his class before their band practice on Thursday nights. I am so happy for him. I know this is where his heart is and that he is so happy to be back!
His new obsession is cooking anything on our new grill. It cracks me up since it is the middle of winter.. but I'm not complaining because we've been eating pretty darn good the past few weeks.
I am working as much as possible at Victoria's Secret preparing for my awesome new position when I come back to work after baby is born!
My new obsession is the book series that the HBO show True Blood is based off of. Stephan got me the first two for Christmas and my sister-in-law got me the third and forth and I'm half way through the third book already. I'm loving them, much more than the TV show! 

With even less hours open in our schedules now it's making it hard for us to get Ephraim's room completely finished.  
Yesterday Stephan worked on and finished all the spots we hadn't already done on the walls and while he did that I organized his closet with all the things we have for him so far.  However, while doing all this I realized how empty his walls will be once we get everything in place.
Stephan's new project to finish in the next few weeks will be to build a shelf that will go on the wall above the changing table. Pictures to come when it's finished!
My project to finish in the next week or so is Ephraim's changing table. I posted a picture a while back and was so excited about working on it. The reason it isn't finished is because I've really struggled on what exactly it needed to look like. With Stephan's help, we've figured it out and I'm going to get on it right away!!
Stephan's mom brought over some pictures that Stephan made when he was in elementary school and my mom has kept all of mine as well so my second project is picking three pictures that Stephan and I made when we were kids and finding the perfect frames to hang them in.
Once all these projects are done I know I will feel much better about his room looking perfect!

My goal for this week is to post pictures of Ephraim's room with everything in its right place and the changing table in progress! So everyone keep and eye out.

** Also I wanted to let everyone know that we will be getting out our wedding thank you notes as soon as wedding pictures are in our hands! I'm making them and want to use one of our pictures for the front. I promise we haven't forgotten and aren't trying to be rude! We are very thankful for everyone and everything we received**


  1. Can't wait to see pictures of baby's room!
    Also I LOVE to read so I might just check out the True Blood series, I haven't heard anything about it besides the t.v. show?

  2. They tv show is okayyyy haha it's a little strange but the books are much much better! There are 9 in all. So they'll keep me busy for a little bit. I'm at the end of the 3rd one now and I'm loving them so you should check them out for sure... Each has a different name but the collection is the Sookie Stackhouse novels