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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's finally here!!!!

It's wedding week!!!

First, I wanted to thank everyone who came to my wedding tea on Sunday! We were blessed with so many great things. We really appreciate everyone who came!!

I cant believe I will be getting married in 2 days! This week is already flying by and I feel like I have a million more things left to do! I really have gotten a lot done though.

Stephan and I have been working on organizing the house so that when we come home from the beach we wont have to worry about getting back to work and also organizing. We have finished cleaning and polishing the silver trays and teapots being used at the reception (well really Stephan finished that). I finished making all the books for the centerpieces look old. I had a lot of fun with that! We have met with John (who is doing our ceremony) and finalized all details. I have my dress and Stephan has his tux. Men's Wearhouse was nice enough to put this sign up for us:

 I am finishing tagging the favors today and then tonight I have a "bachelorette" dinner with Holly and my bridesmaids! After that it's rehearsal dinner tomorrow, rehearsal afterwards and then WEDDING DAY ahhh!!!
 It's been a crazy week but I am trying my best to relax and enjoy it all.

I wanted to thank everyone who has helped and supported Stephan and I through this whole process! It could have been such a stressful time for us, but with all our family and friends here to help it has really made this process easy! Thanks guys :)


  1. Between Mon. and Fri. always seems a blur to me and this week is certainly no different! How is rehearsal tomorrow?!
    I'm praying that all goes well the next few days. It already looks like the weather will cooperate, and that's a plus!
    Happy Wedding Week to you and Stephan. Let's all take deep breaths often!

  2. Yay for GREAT weather. It's going to be a wonderful day Miss soon.to.be Rachel Nichols!


  3. Ah I know I can't wait :) see ya tomorrowwwww