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Friday, October 22, 2010


Stephan and I had a great trip to Ikea! We got some great deals and met up with some wonderful friends while we were there.
Here is what we came home with:
The crib (from my last post)
and {this
to go above the changing table instead of the shelves from my last post 
we also picked up these {cute little blocks} that I love!

We got a few other things to finish up what will soon be our master bedroom, and also things for our kitchen!
After our Ikea trip we decided to use the Lowe's and Home Depot gift cards, we were blessed with at our wedding shower, to buy paint for baby Nichols room and also our master bedroom. Then we got to painting! Master bedroom was first and it looks wonderful, and baby's room was second. We still aren't finished painting all the walls yet because we've both been working, but here is our progress:

I love it so far! 
I feel like I'm way ahead of myself since he still wont be here for 17 more weeks, but when I think about how fast all of it has gone by so far I guess I'm not too far ahead!

Along with preparing for baby Nichols this week we've been dealing with some attitude problems from our other baby... Lyla. However, what she gives in attitude, she makes up for in cuteness!!
As soon as the wedding is over Lyla's boot camp to prepare for baby Nichols will begin...
I'm not sure she's ready for this