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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Room Make Over Time

This week my sweet bridesmaid Casey came to visit me from Panama City! We got to make sure her dress fit and also went to my wedding dress fitting. I loved having her here for support! She couldn't stay long and I miss her already but she will be back in less than a month. 

That means the wedding is a month away!!!
Time is flying now... this makes me very happy
I'm trying to focus on wedding stuff as much as possible now and wait to get all involved in baby room makeovers until all that is over but I just cant help myself! So on Friday Stephan and I will be headed to Ikea for this crib(ignore the mattress and bedding inside)

And these shelves 

While we're there we will also be looking for curtains, possibly a rug and then I'm sure we'll pick up some nick- naks too!
I'm so excited about our trip and I can not wait to start putting everything in baby Nichols room.

I've been feeling pretty crafty lately so today I made this for above his bed

 I'll add his name to it later....

I'm planning on painting two more pictures for his room of some funky trees so more to come later!
I sure hope he likes them!




  1. I love the owl picture. Do u know what theme u r doing for his room yet?!

  2. Thanks!! Well we're aren't going to really do a theme per say haha I'm about to post up some pics of what we're painting the room. The bedding we registered for has owls and trees but we only registered for the quilt and then we were going to do plain sheets and a plain tan bumper. So our colors are browns creams blues greens and then our accent color is orange. Sounds hectic I know but once everyone can see it all put together it'll make sense :D

  3. Loooooooooove the owl! It's so adorable! Yall are gonna have the CUTEST baby!