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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Snips, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails...

Apparently that's what little boys are made of? I'm not sure if that's what ours will be made of maybe something like converses, awesome baby hair and mad guitar skills? That sounds about right! For all of those who I haven't sent out a text to our called yet today you're hearing it now...

and here is our little guy
He's facing the camera and waving! What a ham!
And right now I think he knows I'm writing about him because he's doing all kind of things in my belly.

The question of the day is "What's his name" and to everyone other than me and Stephan it is still just baby Nichols. We do have a name picked out but for now we are keeping it to ourselves!

After all the baby stuff was finished for the day we pulled into the drive way and I was given money to use to get milk tonight along with...


And believe me this picture doesn't do it justice! It is amazing! He did a fabulous job!!
I have been waiting for it because he was having it made special for me! Oh what a wonderful man I have!
Today has been one of the best days of my life by far! I cant even imagine what my wedding day will be like! AH only 43 days!!


  1. Awesome baby hair...so you are counting on him not favoring you and your siblings, right?! Well, even if he does, it's pretty awesome when it finally gets there! Besides a guitar, your brother thinks he'll need to handle a gun and go hunting!
    Glad you guys had a good day and the baby "cooperated"! The ring is beautiful.
    We look forward to the wedding and later meeting our grandson (and nephew) in person!

  2. like i said before, i love reading your blog, it's saved on my favorites! im soooo ready for this baby :) Riley needs a bud!

  3. Lol mom I'm expecting it to take after stephan a lot more than our side! If you line up all the Nichols boys they all look alike.

    Abbey thank you :) that makes me happy!! I'm so ready for him too! I hope Riley and him are best buddies!!