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Friday, September 10, 2010

Wedding hair makes me smile

Today I went to {dL salon} and met with {Courtney},who is my amazing hair stylist, and we got to discuss how I was going to wear my hair for the wedding.  I am totally against some stiff prom up-do. I'm pretty simple and I am also proud of the fact that I have been slowly but surely growing my hair back super long for the past two year. If you know me then you would see what a big accomplishment it is, since I am not usually patient enough to let it grow and I end up chopping it all off.  So because of these things I wanted something pretty and simple to the side...

And I think something like this is what we have decided on!
And I couldn't be more pleased!

In other wedding news this week:
Everything has come together nicely! The wedding is 62 days away and the Food is picked, Flowers are chosen, Envelopes are being addressed, Invitations are almost finished being made, My beautiful friend {Rachel Roll} is doing our pictures, Hair appointment is booked, Favors and the Sparklers are on their way, Tuxes are being fitted, Bridesmaid dresses are almost here and the Rehearsal dinner is being planned.  All of these things make me very happy! I feel like I am accomplishing so very much (with the help of many other fabulous people of course!)

In baby news:
I am just counting down the days til I find out "pink or blue"
20 longgggggg days away
but other than my wait everything is going wonderfully!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!
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  1. I think DL salon is where Ash had her wedding do done!

  2. Yeah it is! She uses lindsie I think!