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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh baby, oh baby

Baby Nichols is busy busy busy. It had a schedule for about two weeks where it would move at 9:30 am every morning! Too sweet! Stephan said "hey do you think it'll keep this same schedule once it's born?!" He's cute ha ha! Unfortunately I don't think that will be the case. It has already created a new schedule of moving whenever it feels like it, even if that means bothering me while I'm sleeping. You would think I'd be used to feeling this little baby move by now but it's still strange every time!

7 days til I find out what baby is!!
So ready to talk to it and be able to call it buy a name, instead of "It"
That's so impersonal!

Sunday night we had dinner with friends. They have a new baby and I had the pleasure of seeing his awesome nursery. It inspired me! So this week I went to the thrift store with my soon to be mother in law and sister in law in search of finding... anything that would get my creative juices flowing in the "making the perfect nursery" area. 

And I found this!!
 at the super saver thrift store- in Roebuck
and yes I know... Missing handles and not the prettiest thing anyone has ever seen. However, when I get done with the extreme makeover I plan on carry out on this piece it will be as good as new!  It's going to be the baby's changing table and then dresser when it grows up.
Stay tuned for the revile (but don't get too excited it probably wont be 'til after the wedding)
As of yesterday I only had plans for a baby girls nursery. I am in love with the plans I have for it but realized that it's a little unfair to the baby that I've been so excited about all these girl plans when I'm still not positive on what it is yet. So yesterday with the help of Stephan we came up with a pretty awesome boy nursery as well. I am now equally excited about both! 

Before I go... Quick wedding update!
This week we started marriage counseling at church. I was nervous at first but now I am very excited about what all we are going to learn and how much we will grow!
50 days til the wedding!
That is less than two months AH I cant believe it!!
I cant wait to be married to Stephan!


  1. You will do a good job w/ this chest, I'm sure! Let me know if I can help do anything.

    I'm leaning toward looking at girl things (as they are so cute), yet reminding myself to purpose to look at "blue"! A boy will be less expensive! ;) I've picked up a few sale items that are for both, and I'm holding on to the receipts!

    Dad I will never forget when I was expecting you that either your arm or leg moved and he actually saw my shirt move from across the room and asked me if you just moved!! It's definitely a unique thing carrying a baby!

    Marriage is an ongoing "work in progress", that's why we have marriage small groups and conferences! You guys can take advantage of those after counseling and being involved in the real thing! :)

    Love "you 3"!

  2. Hello Rachel,

    It is so fun to read your blog! It's almost like being with you as you describe the things that you are doing to prepare for your wedding and for your baby.
    My memories of marriage counseling are precious to me. Mel and I still find ways to be in couple classes together after being married for 25 years because we do grow so much from them but we also have so much fun too.
    Kimala Bond

  3. Aw thanks! I'm glad you enjoy it! I wasn't sure how many people
    read it but I love writing it so I'm glad it's enjoyable! I hope y'all are doing well!!