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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Alice Wedding Planning 101

So I have a lot going on in my life right now but at this moment wedding planning is taking up most of my time.  The date is only a short 79 days away, and although that seems like a long time, to me, I am quickly realizing how close it really is. I am absolutely in love with Alice in Wonderland (in all forms), so I decided to use Alice and the Mad Hatter as my inspiration for our wedding. I found these gorgeous pictures from a photo shoot done in honor of the new Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland and decided to use these as an outline for my decor. I am using the silver tea pots, I've found at thrift stores, as my center pieces filled with blue and white hydrangeas. We are going with cream linens for the table and are still looking for a few more cream lace overlays to go on top.

I've had the most fun shopping with Stephan's sister every Wednesday for amazing thrift store finds! We have a rule that we only can buy when it's on sale and so far we've saved over $200! I never would have thought you could save at the thrift store. I thought I was already getting a good deal just by shopping there, but Holly is the "deal finding queen" and I'm glad she is here to keep me from spending more that necessary.

I feel like everything is finally coming together and it's bringing me a little more peace.

On our to do list for this week:

*Get Stephan fitted for his Tux-- and get his groomsmen in as well
*Finalize our location (which I'm crossing my fingers will be done by tomorrow)
*Get my bridesmaids in for a fitting--and their dresses ordered
*Finalize the invitations-- and get them in to be printed
*One final cake tasting (That's today! yum)


*Buy wedding bands!

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