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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tuxes, Dresses and Lost keys "Oh My!"

This week has been interesting. I feel like I have gotten nothing accomplished as far as wedding planning goes but somehow, in getting nothing done, I have managed to make Stephan exhausted.  We did at least look at wedding bands (for him) and found one he really likes. We wanted to look around at a few more stores before we made a final decision.  We have yet to get my bridesmaids or his groomsmen in to be fitted. My girls will be done by Saturday and Stephan will have his tux ordered by Saturday as well. I am so excited to see Stephan's tux 1. Because I've never seen him that dressed up and 2. Because I really love the tux he's picked out! Here is a sneak peak! 
This tux

This vest and the bow tie, a white shirt
These pretty awesome shoes
(unless they find some turquoise converse)
We're using {Mens Wearhouse} for the guys

Stephan's groomsmen will wear the grey pants from his tux with a grey vest, the blue tie that matches Stephan's vest and the same awesome shoes. I'm also looking forward to seeing my girls in the dresses I've  picked out!    
They will be the same color as Stephan's vest and bow tie and the groomsmen ties. Their shoes will be black pumps
We're using {Davids Bridal} for my girls and my dress as well (but that's a surprise)

On Tuesday we were planning to go taste some cake. Yum! However, that did not happen due to the loss of my car keys (or actually my dads keys). At first I thought I locked them in the car that was my best guess because recently I do this on a monthly basis. I called a locksmith yesterday morning to rescue me and when he opened up the car I realized the set of keys I was looking for was not there. I have searched the house up and down and have yet to come across the keys. I am living in a house with a three year old and a two year old and also another three year old and two year old that are here the majority of the day. Which means there are no telling where my keys are.... Maybe I should learn to keep better track of my keys before my baby gets here or else I could see myself getting into this situation way too often.


  1. You will indeed have a lot more to keep up with than keys soon, so remembering those is a good place to start...and, by the way, my grandchild shall not be misplaced!

  2. I'm not going to misplace my child that's impossible!