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Friday, July 27, 2012

Target Toy Sale

For those of you who don't know...
Twice every year, Target marks down tons of toys to 70% off so they can make room for their new inventory. This happens in January and July. The July sale is usually they last Thursday in July. I have never shopped the January sale so I'm not positive what day it is. You can go here for more info and ways to track this amazing sale. 
For the past two years I have gone with my sister in-law, Holly, and gotten a few little things for E. This year I went all out!

I knew going into this sale that we had plenty extra in this months budget. I decided I would start and finish E's Christmas and Birthday shopping at this sale. I left Ephraim at my moms the night before so I would be free to shop without a fussy little man. Holly and I had planned on meeting at our local target at about 8:15. We wanted to be there early enough to fill our buggies before they started marking down. As I am about to leave the house, yesterday morning, I realize I have left my wallet in the car. The car that my husband has with him at work... In my wallet was all my money, my Target red card (that would get me an extra 5% off my purchase) and a coupon for $5 off a $50 purchase. 

I almost stroked out panicked a lot and then went to withdraw some money from the bank. Of course, they don't like you withdrawing money without an i.d., even if  you have your check book and account number...
Luckily, a friend of mine works at out bank and she just happened to be in at 9am. She vouched for me and I got my cash and hurried to meet Holly. 

Our target ended up being short handed so they were taking forever to get to the toy markdowns. We hunted down someone in shoes who marked down a few things for us, before she got in trouble with her boss. Oops...
By this time is was after 11 and Holly had to get home to relieve her babysitter. I wasn't satisfied with the four things I had gotten so I headed to another target, on the way to pick up E.

I hit the jack pot at the second Target.

I was able to get all of Ephraim's Christmas and Birthday presents, plus a few Christmas gifts for Holly's girls. My mom and grandparents are going to give him a few things out of this huge stash! 
A few of the things we will be saving for next summer, right before our yearly beach trip. I gave him the little coloring board yesterday and he will get the little lamb pillow pet type thing when we switch him to a big boy bed next month.
Here is a run down of what I got:
R/C Francesco- Org:$21.99 Paid:$6.58
R/C Mater- Org:$21.99 Paid:$6.58
R/C GeoTrax Miles Axelrod- Org:$30.99 Paid:$9.28
R/C GeoTrax Grem- Org:$30.00 Paid:$9.28
GeoTrax build your own world Dirt Race Pack- Org:$23.49 Paid:$7.04
GeoTrax build your own world Road Race Pack- Org:$23.49 Paid$7.04
Additional Characters for GeoTrax Petrov Trunkov and Talking Finn McMissle- Org:$12.49 Paid:$3.74
Additional Characters for GeoTrax Acer and Talking Holley Shiftwell- Org:$12.49 Paid:$3.74
Cars 2 Spiral Speedway- Org:$26.99 Paid:$8.08
Thomas Mega Blocks- Org:$29.99 Paid:$8.98
Thomas and Friends Tidmouth Station Playset- Org:$44.49 Sale:$13.34
Thomas and Friends Rumbling Goldmine Run Playset- Org:$39.89 Paid:$11.96
World of Jungle Junction Roadway Playset- Org:$53.99 Paid:$16.18
Toy Story Buzz with Rocket Blaster- Org:$15.99 Paid:$4.48
Toy Story Woody with Barrel Blaster- Org:$15.99 Paid:$4.48
Fisher Price DC Super Friends Imaginex Batman- Org:$28.99 Sale:$8.68
Fisher Price Made By Me Mess Free Finger Paint Board- Org:$15.79 Sale:$4.73
Fisher Price Made By Me Musical Crayon Caddy- Org:$17.59 Sale:$5.27
Fisher Price Made By Me My First Paints- Org:$7.59 Sale:$2.27
Cloud*b Sleep Sheep Slumber Friends Lavender Pillow- Org:$19.99 Sale:$5.98
Schylling Sock Monkey- Org:$14.49 Sale:$4.34
Squeeze-a-Song Cookie Monster- Org:$19.99 Sale:$5.98
Pool with Slide- Org:$19.99 Sale:$9.98
Circo Play Tent and Tunnel- Org:$19.99 Sale:$9.98
No Spill Big Bubble Bucket- Org:$9.99 Sale:$4.98
Little Tikes 5pc Sand Shovel Set- Org:$6.99 Sale:$3.48
Little Tikes Octopus Bucket Activity Set- Org:$9.99 Sale:$4.98
and for my nieces
Belle Surprise Bracelet Squinkies- Org:$4.99 Sale:$1.48
Jasmine Surprise Bracelet Squinkies- Org:$4.99 Sale:$1.48
Polly Pocket Positively Paris Pack- Org:$10.99 Sale:$3.28
Polly Pocket Polly Evening Fashions Pack- Org:$10.39 Sale:$3.11
Total before sale: $597.63(not including tax)    My Total: After Coupons and Discounts $140ish
Needless to say, I was like a kid on Christmas yesterday!


  1. I HAD NO idea! I don't have kids yet, but this is great to keep in the back of my head for niece, nephews, and future babies :) thanks for sharing. You DID hit the Jack pot! Look at that LOOT!

    Oh and my GFC is being weird, but it let me follow you through it using my twitter. How cool is that?! Who knew that you could do that?! I sure didn't!

  2. I was just at target and am a ridiculous couponer, how did I miss checking out the toy sale?! ACK! You did great though! Thanks for sharing and I am a new follower from a past GFC hop!
    I hope you have had a great weekend!!

  3. RachelSusanneNicholsJuly 31, 2012 at 1:05 PM

    I think everyone should no about it even if they don't have kids! Like you said it's a good thing to keep in mind when you have some kid parties to go to!

    That's really awesome it let you follow me through your twitter! I had no idea you could do that. Good to know!! Thank you for following :) I love your blog as well.

  4. RachelSusanneNicholsJuly 31, 2012 at 1:07 PM

    Thanks for following Michelle! So glad to have you :) I am so sorry you missed it!! At least you know for January, or next July. I'm sure you'll get a lot of good things. You'll have to share if you get good deals. I love seeing what deals others can get!