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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Hubs

Monday was the hubs 26th birthday.
He says it's just one more year closer to 30, that he's just getting old. I think he's silly. 26 is young and so is 30. I am just thankful for another year we get to spend together!

While I was antique shopping in the mountains I found this store, that reminded me of a place you'd see on American Pickers. I was about to walk out the door after buying two mason jars when I saw this Avengers poster. The guy told me its from 1970. I didn't really care how old it was, I just knew Stephan would like it so I bought it for $30 and brought it home.

One of Stephan's only requests for this birthday was for us to make cookie cake. When we were dating we used to make and decorate a cookie cake, probably monthly. Back then we would buy a tub of cookie dough, put it in a round pan, add food coloring to store bought icing, and decorate our cake. Now that we're a little more skilled in the kitchen, Steph wanted us to make one from scratch. 
This is how it turned out:
The decorating is a little rough.... but it was going on 9pm and we were really just ready to eat a piece.
He seems happy with it :)
This might be the first picture we've taken together since February. Don't judge...
He said he didn't smile for real because there was chocolate in his teeth. 

Last night the celebration continued...
We went to see The Dark Night Rises. 
Which if anyone hasn't seen it yet, you should. Amazing movie!

After the movie we went to my favorite sushi place (yes I know it's his birthday celebration but he let me pick dinner bc he loves me so much), Rock and Roll Sushi. It was wonderful as usual.

While we were there we took a picture to send to my cousin in California, who was texting me. He didn't want to take a picture, so this is how it turned out. Cute huh?

I hope he had a great birthday!
I love you hunny! :)


  1. I loved the Dark Knight movie too, it was awesome, I'm so sad Nolan isn't doing any more :( and I think that decorating job looks AWESOME!!!! www.kjpugs.com

  2. RachelSusanneNicholsJuly 31, 2012 at 1:03 PM

    I am also sad there he isn't doing any more batman movies. They really have all been so wonderful! Well thank you! :)