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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thank You Daisy!

Every morning, before the little man gets up, I check my blog comments. I love reading them and responding to all your sweet words! This morning while checking comments I came across this one from Daisy, "Hi, I love your blog and just wanted to let you know I awarded you the versatile blogger award. You can check it out here"
Isn't that just the sweetest!?
I am honored that Daisy picked me as one of her favorite "versatile bloggers". You really should head on over and give her blog a look!

So here are the rules:
1.Thank the blogger who nominated you
2.Include a link to their site
3.Include the award image in your post
4.Give 7 random facts about yourself
5.Nominate 15 other blogger for the award
6.When nominating, include a link to their site
7.Let the bloggers know they have been nominated

So here it goes...
7 random facts about me:
1.I would LOVE to adopt a little boy from Uganda someday. 
2.I failed my drivers test 4 times before getting my license
3.I HATE hair.... not hair that is attached to my head or anywhere on the body, but hair that has fallen out. So hair in the hair brush, or on the floor or in the sink/tub grosses me out.
4.I was born on the same day, in the same hospital as a girl with the exact same name as me. Turns out she's a thief and she distributes drugs to minors. How do I know this? because she showed up on a background check of mine once...
5.I used to think that as long as I was under the covers in bed nothing could hurt me. (you know like if someone broke in the house and wanted to steal/kill me haha!) Because of this thought I slept with the covers over my head until I was married. 
6.Sushi is my favorite food and I could eat it every day.
7.I am scared to death of cockroaches. Every time I see one I scream, no matter where I am. I also cant seem to help but feel like I need a shower after seeing one.

okay so here are my 15 nominees:
1. Sarah of Peace Love&Sweet Tea
2. Rachel of Cant Google Everything 
3. Lindsay of Southern Lovely
4. Olivia of Olivia Blogs
5. Melissa of The Life of a Not So Ordinary Life
6. Krystal of  Krystal Kitsch
7. Tennille of Live.Laugh.Love
8. Liz of Love Grows Wild
9. Jenny of Strickly Strickland's
10. Kristen Alexis of The Very Unofficial Adult
11. Erika of te and baby
12. Kelley of The Grant Life
13. Amanda of The Little Giggler
14. Lauren of WIFESTYLES
and last but not least...
15. Mandee of Life, Chaos and Quotes

You'll be sad if you don't take the time to check out all these lovely blogs. These ladies deserve this award!
Go read and Enjoy!


  1. It was my absolute pleasure to nominate you, truly deserved as I said :)

  2. It's so great to learn a bit more about you! I am a new follower from Krystal's giveaway. I can't believe someone had the same name/birthday as you like that. And I toooootally agree with you about roaches. Since we moved to Florida I've seen SO MANY of them and it does not get any easier, ever. ((shudder)) I can't believe I'm saying this but I'll take a spider over a cockroach! And boo, I can't put my name, email and website in the disqus comment form you have- but my blog is kjpugs.com :)

  3. RachelSusanneNicholsJune 27, 2012 at 4:23 AM

    Thanks for following :) isn't that so crazy about the girl
    With my name? Luckily now that I'm married my name is different so she shouldn't cause me any more problems! I'm with you on spiders over roaches. I would rather see a spider on my porch at night than a roach. I'm always stoping when I go up the wood stairs to make them all run. Okay that really made it sound like my home is roach infested haha! It is not... We just have really old wooden stairs with a bunch of mulch and leaves underneath them and the roaches tend to like it there no matter how much I spray them! I'm sorry my disqus wouldn't cooperate with you! Heading to check our your blog now :)

  4. awww thank you so much for nominating me!! I can't wait to do this as well. What a fun idea! :)

  5. Thank you so much Rachel! This made my day.

  6. Awesome! Thank you! I love sushi too :)

  7. Thanks Rachel! What a wonderful surprise to be among these lovely bloggers! So fun to learn more about you as well!

  8. Thank you so much Rachel! This is so sweet!