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Monday, June 25, 2012

Cheers to Six Years

Six years ago at about... 
well this moment...
Stephan and I pulled up to the movie theater for our first date. 
What did we see?
I remember every thing about that night. 
I was staying at my grandmothers that night, to be closer to the theater we were going to. I remember I called my cousin, in California, to tell her that I was going to the movie with Stephan. I was basically asking her what I should wear and if she thought he thought this was a date or not. See, the funny thing is I did not think I was going on a date. Stephan was my best friend but not someone I thought I could date. I remember I wore a white scoop neck shirt with cherry's on it and I made a head band out of red ribbon, so it would match the cherry's. Cute huh?! I remember the look Stephan gave me when I pulled out my wallet to pay for my ticket. It is a day I will always remember as if it were yesterday. 

Turns out that night was a "date" and it led to many more. I am so thankful to have so many amazing memories of our dating years. We were very young and crazy and I will cherish the memories we made forever!
I am so glad that those 4 1/2 years of dating turned into this life we have now. 
Please enjoy some of my memories through pictures:
 I'll start with what my hunny looked like when I fell in love with him
Please excuse the shining tooth on the second picture... It's a picture from myspace....enough said
what I looked like when my hunny fell in love with me
Moving on....

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