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Monday, June 11, 2012

Family Beach Trip Re-cap--with lots of pictures

We're back!
Every beach trip we take never seems long enough. This one was no different.
I am so thankful to have such wonderful Grandparent-{in-laws}, that bless us with this trip year to year. 

Like I had said before, we knew this trip was going to be different. Ephraim is actually old enough to realize he's on a vacation, love or hate the sand underneath his feet, and want to be outside playing with his cousins. We knew there would be little to no true relaxation time for us, as a couple, but we couldn't have been more excited. 
Ephraim is one of the best car riders! He sat in his seat and watched movies on the new dvd player, we bought for the trip. I was so proud of him!
We got to our hotel pretty late. Ephraim greeted the family members who had waited up for us and then went to sleep.
The next morning this gorgeous view awaited him

{Top is the beach side, Bottom is the bay side}

Our first full day there was spent at the pool
This is what I think Ephraim would have to say about the pool if he could talk:
"Um dad why do I have to wear this stupid float?"
"This is a lot colder than a bath tub..."
"Oh my gosh! Mom did you see that?! Someone just disappeared... Oh wait never mind their back!"
{He freaked out a little when people went under water, even if it was someone he had never seen before ha!}
We decided to try they beach the next few days. 
This is what I think Ephraim would say about his first day at the beach:
"Hey mom this is pretty neat, I feel like hot stuff in my own beach chair."
"Woah!, look how far this sand goes, it's like it goes on forever!"
"I really hate this sand stuff, so I'll just keep one foot here in this bucket and the other over the side of my chair so it won't touch."
{E HATED the sand. The second a grain got stuck to his little lotioned up body he would look at me and cry, until I got it off}
The third day we decided to try putting a blow up pool down on the beach. He LOVED it! We put it under the tent so he could have some shade and Stephan filled it up, bucket by bucket, with ocean water. {What a good daddy!}
 Stephan tried to catch a fish to put in the pool with E, but no luck. It would have been SO funny.
The rest of our trip was spent at the beach with E, playing in his pool. He thought it was so funny to throw the ball out of the pool, into the sand, and watch Stephan take it to the waves to rinse the sand off.

Even though most our time was spent with E. Stephan and I did manage to get a little tan while Ephraim napped. We also enjoyed a date night! We ate at the Wharf, at a restaurant called Ginny Lane's. Swing and a miss on that one, but I did get this cute dress!
and our last night there, after Ephraim went to bed we headed to Scoops for an ice cream date
{please note that my cone was half the size of my husbands. This picture makes me look like a fatty}

Speaking of fatty... I think I gained 20lbs on this trip because someone stocked the fridge with these:
{Baddddd idea}

Before we hit the road home all most of us signed shells to let everyone know we were there. 
{I think this is the best form of a guest book I have ever seen, at a beach place. If I ever had my own place to rent out this is what I would do!}

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