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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Two Posts In One Day... Holy Moly

Today while putting Ephraim in church nursery, I met a sweet lady who said she started reading my blog. I was extremely flattered and then realized how much I have been neglecting the blog. I apologized and told her I would post soon, so hopefully she reads the two I'm posting today.

For mine and Ephraim's birthday, we got a new puppy.
Meet Samson:
(Samson at 7 weeks and 12.5lbs)

(Samson at 11 weeks and 30lbs)

Such a huge difference I cant even believe it. Some day's I feel like while I'm at work he grows 3 inches. 
He is so clumsy. It took him 2 weeks to figure out we have a glass door in front of our front door. Silly puppy.

Samson and Lyla (Get it?) get along pretty well. Lyla thinks she is bigger than him even though he is 5X her size. 
Ephraim is not so sure of him yet. I think he is a little nervous about how big he is, only because he is big and very playful. Ephraim does really like using Samson as a step stool though.
We are really looking forward to pretty days ahead so we can take the whole family to the park to play.

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  1. I enjoyed the posts! :)
    And Samson is beautiful!