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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I feel like my life has been a whirl wind as of late (even though not much has been going on). It seems like every time I have something I want to post about there is a dog needing a bath, a baby boy needing fed, clothes needing washed or dishes needing put away, which leaves me forgetting what I had in mind. Oh well! My hubby is finally switching from a 7on7off to a Monday-Friday position at the hospital so I'm hoping that will make life seem more normal around here.

A few weeks ago we took Ephraim on his first zoo trip! I would love for this post to be all about our zoo trip, but I can not find the cord to hook our camera to the computer so that post will be coming soon....

With life seeming so crazy lately I took the time to finally spend the Michales gift card I was given for my birthday. I needed some me time and a new wreath for our front door and this is what I came up with

(these were taken with my phone that's why I can post them) :)
 The flower design is different than I have ever done before and I am happy with how they turned out.
Sticking with the theme of things I've never done before, I thought I would add a banner for something extra
and it turned out like this!
I'm hoping this one will get me motivated to make more wreaths and get my Etsy store back up and running!
I'll be making one for the fourth of July soon that I'm really excited about!

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